Compliance Officer and In-House Counsel — Synergies and Conflicts

Amy E. Hutchens, a frequent contributing writer for this website and the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), has written an interesting article entitled “Wearing Two Hats: The Dual Roles of In-house Counsel and Compliance Officer”, and, given the fact that corporate regulatory and enforcement authorities have become more active and aggressive in the past several months, our staff would like to encourage a more detailed reading of Amy’s approach to this dual challenge often facing a new arrival to a new in-house counsel appointment.   Of course, economic constraints can often be their own motivation(s) for trying to combine these often conflicting roles in an organization. Read more.


Risk Management Concerns Escalate as Board Oversight Expectations Grow

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By: Ben J. Carnevale, Contributing Editor

Not many of our readers would argue with the position that there is a rising trend of discussion among our company executives on a need for increased levels of risk management capabilities and focus of improvement expected from regulators, credit rating agencies, institutional investors, customers, and the courts in the United States and the global village where more and more companies are now doing their business.

The fact is that in the aftermath of the global financial crisis a growing number of companies and their boards will soon – if not already – be facing new disclosure requirements related to board risk management oversight in the United States, Canada and Europe. Read more.

Information Security Scams This Christmas

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With the holiday season upon us once again, our staff would like to focus some of your attention on some information security concerns regarding the likely use of digital devices as each of us try to make our Christmas buying lists and plans for upcoming holiday festivities.  Our point is that for every Santa there is a Grinch, and a cybercriminal is most likely waiting in the wings to turn all that holiday cheer into fast cash as he spreads his scams and malware.

Preparedness Party Offers Fun Approach to Address Serious Challenge

Photo courtesy of glenoakscanyon.orgIt is a sad fact, that getting people or organizations to discuss disaster preparedness topics is easier to do just after they have experienced a disaster.  Call it human nature, procrastination or avoidance — but, this remains a constant challenge for nearly all emergency management and disaster response professional teams.

In a rather recent posting, however, we are directed to a rather unique approach submitted by one of the neighborhood group organizations of Boston, MA called the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation (JPNDC).  This group encourages people to host a “Preparedness Pie Party” — in order to better engage neighbors to talk about preparedness. Read more.

December is National Critical Infrastructure Protection Month

Just a reminder — the month of December is recognized in the U.S. as “National Critical Infrastructure Protection Month”.

For those readers who are not quite sure of the significance of this declaration, or how it relates to them in their place of work, their community or where they live, it would be helpful to read the information on the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) website to learn exactly what critical infrastructure is, what each of us can do to assist its protection as a shared responsibility, and, finally which industry sectors are most directly affected by this effort. Read more.

ASIS International — Invitation to Attend World’s Most Influential Security Events

ASIS logo OfficialASIS International has led the security industry by providing up-to-the-minute education and strategic solutions to professionals around the world.  Both physical and information security professionals have benefited from these offerings for nearly sixty (60) years.

Our staff supports ASIS International and encourages our readers to be aware of the following schedule of upcoming seminars and exhibits:

ASIS-PAC in Macau, China – December 3-5, 2013

Context Aware Security: Is It Time for Your Organization to Implement this Approach in Protecting Its Assets?

Photo Courtesy of ComputerWeekly.comHas your organization adopted a “context aware” IT security model?  Perhaps, it has adopted a single password model of IT security approach —and, if it has done so, then as members of your organization’s information and network security team, it is your responsibility to at least consider the benefits of moving beyond an IT security equivalent of “putting all your eggs in one basket” to an IT security model smart enough to add context to a security event. Read more.

Business Continuity

A Guide to Business Continuity Management, Planning, and Disaster Recovery Citing Sample Template, Software and Solution For Business Continuity Plans

Business Continuity Is More Than Just Picking Up The Pieces

The spate of devastating earthquakes in several parts of the world, the increasing incidence of flooding in the Midwest and in many corners of the globe, and the unusual weather conditions and phenomena that threaten lives, infrastructure, properties, resources, and businesses remind business owners and managers of the importance of having a certain strategy to ensure that the business can get back on its feet after going through a disaster. How do you think can corporate organizations in Japan recover various data critical to their business after being shaken by a massive earthquake and washed off by tsunami? Read more.

Webinar Presents 2014 Security Predictions

You can jump start security plans of your organization’s information security preparedness team by having them listen to this year’s one (1) hour Websense® 2014 Security Predictions webcast and report on Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. PST.

In 2012. the Websense Security Labs™ researchers accurately predicted: (a) a surge in Java exploits would disrupt operations worldwide, (b) that employees would be besieged by spear-phishing emails and (c) that cybercriminal attacks would use mobile devices more creatively.  They also explained how to prevent cyber-criminals from stealing your organization’s most valuable secrets. Read more.

Corporate Preparedness Levels Impact Bottom Line

Because many businesses are operating on limited resources these days, management very often may not feel that corporate disaster preparedness is a vital activity.

This could be in part due to the “it will never happen to me” attitude taken by that management team. Read more.